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Zombie server: VIP privileges
« : Июль 20, 2013, 12:46:41 »
This topic is written to help foreigners who does not speak russian language but wants to find out more about becoming a VIP player.

There are 3 available levels of the status at our Zombie server:

Ordinary VIP:
- VIP player model.
- Free armor and grenades at the beginning of each round.
- Double awards for infection/kill/winning round/loosing round
- You gain more XP for infecting others
- VIP status in players list (which emerges after pressing TAB)
- New zombie class available: Destroyer (runs faster, faster attack, 1000 xp for each infection, health regeneration, cannot be shot in head, ability to hinder people's fast movements for 5-7 seconds)
- Cannot be damaged by falling
- New knife available: Katana (faster movement, better jumping, x5 damage, can toss zombies aside)
- More money for killing zombies (+$1000)
- More options for grenades (setting up laser, delayed explosion - after pressing E)

Super VIP:
- Abilities from Ordinary VIP
- Higher damage (+25%)
- More money for damage (+25%)
- Ability to start voting for a new map
- Free ammunition
- Parachute
- Kick/ban
- Cannot be kicked automatically due to being "away from keyboard"

Ultra VIP:

- Abilities from the previous two levels
- Double jump
- Higher money limit: $250 000 (instead of $100 000)


Ordinary VIP: $3.4 for two weeks, $5/month
Super VIP:  $3.5 per week, $6.4 for two weeks, $10/month
Ultra VIP: 3$/weekend, $5.3/week, $9.7 for two weeks, $15/month

How do I order VIP privileges?

You should contact the server administrator:

ICQ: 462-992-637
Логин SKYPE: mtvjke

Since it is highly unlikely that you have a Webmoney account (which is a preferred way of payments for us), all the details of your payment need to be discussed in person.
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